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  • 30-06 Medium Deer load..150gr Sierra Pro-Hunter #2130

    Hey Guys.

    Going to work up some hunting loads for the 30-06's for my self and some friends. All using remington 700's.

    Was going to load straight from sierras manual but wanted to see if anyone has some good recipes they can share to maybe get a better starting point.

    Im wanting to stay around 2800fps. We dont need any heavier or faster for the deer here, dont want to tear up the meat, open for suggestions from those of you who know a lifetime more about this than me.

    Ive got RE-15, IMR 4895, IMR 4064, and Varget stocked. Federal, hornady and remington brass. Fed 210M primers and CCi 34

    Any thougts? Thanks!!!

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  • re: 30-06 Medium Deer load..150gr Sierra

    RE-15, IMR-4064 and Varget are all excellent powders in combination with 150 grain Sierra Game King. You can easily print 1" groups at 100 yards with any of these powders behind  a 150 grain bullet for your .30-06. I have used Remington 9-1/2 LR and Winchester WLR primers for these combinations.

    Again, it is all about what your rifle likes. You still will need to work up your loads for each powder / bullet combination. Since you are using these for hunting, I would suggest 3-shot groups at 100 yards using a 0.5 grain ladder. Most likely, you will probably find the sweet spot somewhere in the upper-middle range of the ladder.


  • Re: 30-06 Medium Deer load..150gr Sierra Pro-Hunter #2130

    Hello Killswitch04,

      Have a question. Are you loading so that all the ammo can be used in all the rifles or are you loading to each individual rifle? This make are difference in performance.  What shoots real good in one rifle may not shoot as good in another. If loading for use in all then full length sizing is on order then go from there.  I know of two people that the only thing their rifles would shoot well was factory YES factory! Did not matter what load combo was used nothing would work. Looking at their targets shot with load combos well looked like buck shot was used. Factory loads from the big three would shoot clover leaf groups. Like Krwada said have to work up some loads and go for it.

  • Re: 30-06 Medium Deer load..150gr Sierra Pro-Hunter #2130

    I didn't have any thing on 150 gr but here are the spec's for  my go to load for deer & Elk




    Caliber 30-06
    Mfg win
    Barrel length 22
    Bullet type Game k
    Bullet gr 165
    Bullet Mfg Sierra
    Powder Mfg IMR
    Powder 4350
    Charge in gr 58.5
    Case Mfg
    Times loaded
    Primer Mfg win
    Primer type LR
    Crono Dist. 10
    Velocity f/s
    1 2836
    2 2861
    3 2830
    4 2855
    5 2873
    6 2855
    7 2879
    8 2886
    9 2873

    Average 2860.89
    Mean 2861
    Standard Deviation f/s 19.02

  • Re: 30-06 Medium Deer load..150gr Sierra Pro-Hunter #2130

    I don't own nor shoot one but I have loaded for a few with 150 GK's and IMR4895 to get close to the velocity you are wanting you will end up in the 48-49 grain area. These loads were like Hacker said generic and to book spec but were accurate in the 1-1.2 range in the three guns that shot them CCI 200 primers. I have also loaded IMR4320 with the same results accuracy wise load was 51.8 gr with Fed 210 and 210M primers brass was a mixture. My neighbor shoot both the 150 and 165 GK's with H4350 chronoed at 2885 his 150 load is 56gr of H4350. He run his 165 GK's chronoed at 2850 with 55gr of H4350. As a side not his 165 load is a little more accurate then his 150 load we are talking .95 and 1.1 respectively.

  • .30-'06 deer load....

    My vote is for a 165 gr. since that is usually the most accurate other than a 168 gr.  I load 165s of almost any thing to around 28-2,900 fps. for sub moa groups.  I have a couple of 1 shot drop in tracks kill with these at ranges from 75 -200 yds.  Consider H414 as a propellant,works great,however rifle is older('37) mod 70 with 26" barrel. I use Win. brass and CCI 200s. As stated earlier each rifle may very well have a different appetite,so try different loads and let your buddies work with you an load their own.  You are too new to handloading to load for others regardless of relationship. Wish you the best of luck hunting.

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