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  • MEC 9000 causing Wrinkles in Winchester AA20 gauge HS cases

    I have several MEC 9000 one in 28 another in 20 gauge.  I also have a Poness Warren 800 in 12 gauge and a P-W Duo 375.

    I have loaded many thousands of rounds, but just last week and again tonight when loading for the 20 gauge 7/8oz #8, Claybuster Wad 1078-20, on top of 15.5gr. Universal Clays, I started getting wrinkles ~1/2" above the top of the brass base.

    I sacrificed one of the wrinkled cases and cut it open.  The wad seemed to be in the correct place inside the case, the powder was of the correct weight, and the crimp was absolutely beautiful.  These new HS cases have an inside plastic cup that holds the primer and powder.  The exterior wrinkle was at the top of this inside plastic cup.  I kind of think the wad is hanging up when it is inserted, loaded, and crimped.  The reloader has enough force to push the exterior down, thus creating the wrinkle.

    Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening??


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  • Re: MEC 9000 causing Wrinkles in Winchester AA20 gauge HS cases

    I had the same issue on 12 ga with my mec sizemaster.  Had to up the wad pressure to 60-80 lbs.


    Also you may want to adjust your crimp starter down further to close the case down to below the size of a pencil, and work with your final crimp station, adjusting it up just a bit and playing with the cam function to get the crimp you want.

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  • MEC 9000 causing Wrinkles in Winchester AA20 gauge HS cases

    OK!  I'll look closer at the setup.

    Someone at the Lee Kay Center suggested I use a Winchester powder that has more bulk than the Universal Clays powder.  Thus more space is filled with powder and the wad would not even get to the inside cup.

    Anyone have any comments??


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  • RE: MEC 9000 causing Wrinkles in Winchester

    Start with the top of the outside plate level with the inside metal. Load one and see what happens to the center of the crimp.

    Lowering the outside plate squeezes in on the crimp perimeter and closes center holes.

    Raising the outside plate lessens the squeeze and removes center swirls.

    That cam is a potent adjustment and a little bit will do you on each adjustment. The manual recommends 1/32" on each one.

    It's possible to put too much cam on a crimp and have the crimp punch crush or wrinkle the hull above the brass.

    Try these adjustments and see if that remedies the situation.

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  • Re: wrinkles in hull

    I have had this happen from time to time. First, increasing wad pressure is good advice. The shot column, grains powder, correct wad, ounces of shot have to be compatible with the hull you are using. Double check your data. I have also had this problem in 12 ga. when loading in very hot temperatures. Loading dove loads in August in Texas in un-airconditioned shop. Hulls tended to soften up in the heat and would sometime wrinkle up in front of the brass. If the wrinkle is not too bad and they have a good crimp, you can roll the wrinkle on the sharp edge of the load bench and kind of iron it out where it will chamber ok. (Po' folks got Po' ways). I am not familiar with the MEC 9000 as all of my loading was done on a single stage MEC 600 Jr. or Jr. Mark V, but if it uses bushings for the powder and shot, you might weigh what it is throwing and make sure it is throwing the charged that you think it is. If all else fails, may have to change load data or hull brand. Hope this helps.

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  • MEC 9000 causing Wrinkles in Winchester AA20 gauge HS cases

    Commando.......  Thanks for the comments.  I reread the owner's manual many times and your comments are right to the point.  But what I can not figure out is why is this happening only on WW20AA-HS shotshells.  On my old style WW20AA my reloads are picture perfect.  The wrinkling is only happening to the HS style of Winchester hulls.


  • MEC 9000 causing Wrinkles in Winchester AA20 gauge HS cases

    Plellington...........  Thanks for your comments.  The MEC 9000 is the utimate MEC reloader.  It just does what the 600 does in one pull of the handle instead of multiple pulls.  I have measured both powder and shot to confirm the proper load recipe and they are right on.  I live in Park City Utah and I don't have to worry about the shotshells warming up to the point of flexing.  Outside temp right now is 22degrees and I think my garage/reloading area is not much above that.  Even with the wrinkle it will load in my Ruger O/U and will iron out when shot.  I just don't like shooting ugly ammo, that could increase pressure or affect the efficiency of the reload. 


  • Re: MEC 9000 causing Wrinkles in Winchester AA20 gauge HS cases


      Dont know if you are still having the problem you are having but I have had similar problems with 12ga AA-HS hulls. The solution that I found was to switch wads. I know its hard to believe but the claybuster AA wad in the new AA hulls is too much "stuff". I switched to a downrange AA clone (just a little more expensive, but also does not leave as much wad residue in your forcing cone or choke) which I guess is just a touch shorter and have not had any more problems with kinking cases. The older AA cases that you have also have just a touch more internal capacity due to the one peice construction. Thats why they load better. 



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  • Re: MEC 9000 causing Wrinkles in Winchester AA20 gauge HS cases

    springfieldxd357 makes an interesting point.  I load on MEC Sizemasters.  I have experienced the WW HS wrinkle on 12 Ga hulls.  I usually discard the wrinkled cases after firing.  I have used a multitude of wads and have not paid attention to which were the troublemakers.

    In 20 ga I have never experienced a wrinkle.  I have used DownRange wads exclusively for my 20ga target loads.  I prefer DR wads when I can find them.  Looks like I am going to have to search harder.

  • MEC 9000 Wrinkles

     To mule,

      I don't know if you have tried this place out or not but they carry Down Range wads  I don't know if they have what you wnat or not. If ya haven't tried these guys before may want to check them out.

  • MEC 9000 Wrinkles

    Hello kickinback

    Column height is to high.  Something needs to be changed.  Powder, wad, or shot.  Try taking a few BB's out and see what that does.  My bet it is the wad or the shot.  I have been loading shot shells for over 44 years.  One of the three my friend, one of the three.

    Try this link for more info on the 9000G.


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  • MEC 9000 causing Wrinkles in Winchester AA20 gauge HS cases


    Yup, I have been loading atleast as long as you have, but this is definitely a problem with the WIN HS three piece hulls.  I played around with several wads that had different wad colums such that it would give me the space I needed for the crimp.  I reduce my shot quantity as well.  I also used IMR PB shotgun powder.  It is very bulky and with the correct load would be beyond the ridge of the inner powder cup on the WIN HS hulls.  This all would work if I used the old card board overpowder wads and the felt wads to adjust the wad column.  NOT!!  I like the plastic one piece wads.  Now, I did not use the Down Range wads.  They were not available where I usually shop, but I know a gunsmith in SLC that sells them out of his mobile range trailer.  Now all I have to do is find the next trap shoot and meet up with him...........Oh!!! I forgot I threw out all the WIN HS hulls.  Life is too short to screw around that much when Remington STS or Gun Club hulls use the one piece hull like the old single piece yellow 20 ga. WIN hulls which I still have about a 5 gallon bucket full.

    Thanks to everyone for responding to my post.



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