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    Wondering if anyone of you will share their experience of Hunting Elk, moose, deer with a 265 grain Hornady Interlock and 265 grain LEVERevolution FTX in a 444 Marlin. I´m new to this bullit. Here in Scandinavia we mostly hunt with Norma Alaska, Oryx, Nosler and of course with Lapua Mega in cal. 30-06, 338 win magn. 6,5x55, 8x57.

    Greeting from Sweden


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    Hi rollie57, I to like the 444Marlin but had to sell it a while back to pay taxes! The 265FTX was not out when I still had my rifle. But the 265 Hornady Interlock was. Remington used it in their factory ammo. I also loaded in my cases. I use a 50.0gr charge of H322 a CCI200 primer and they shot to same point of impact as the factory ones did. I liked that bullet for deer and bear. The Flex-Tip ones I have no experience with but the reviews are vey positive. The last deer I shot with it in that bullet it ran 20yds and dropped. It is quite adequte for moose and elk and also the bigger bears. The 265gr in either style will handel anything you go after!!


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